Let's Grow Some Flowers!

Learn to grow amazing flowers from your Cute Root card when you follow our instructions.

Prep Your Card

Soak card in water for an hour. After, place soaked card in a re-sealable plastic bag big enough so the card lays flat. Tape the bag to a bright, sunshiny window. This creates a greenhouse effect so the seeds in the paper can sprout before planting!

Plant Your Card

After a three to five sunny days, with a handful of developed sprouts, it's time to plant your card! Carefully tear away small pieces containing sprouts and place them on top of moist soil in a pot with drainage. Gently place moist soil on top of the paper pieces, without burying the green sprouts.

Take Care of Your Sprouts

As your little sprouts grow, they will need to be watered, but not too heavily. Rule of thumb: if the topsoil looks dried out, give it a drink of water, otherwise, they’re okay! Watch as your card grows over the next few months from thoughtful words into a garden of wildflowers.

Customer Spotlight!

Check out some of the amazing flowers our customers have grown from Cute Root cards.

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