More than just a card.

On the surface, Cute Root cards are zero-waste and plantable—we know, pretty cool. Underneath, however, our cards are the thank you's, happy birthday's, and I miss you's of the world that make people smile when they need it. Our cards connect old friends, pen new friendships, and grow existing relationships. Our cards are the final goodbye to a moving neighbor, or the first hello after the last box is unpacked. With or without us, your words can always make someone's day. Our cards just make them come to life.

Our commitment to a better world.

And although our cards are zero-waste themselves, we’re dedicated to making positive change for a better environment. We were taught to leave places better than before we arrived. That’s why for every order, we are committed to planting a tree. Our partner Ecologi makes all this happen seamlessly, and their transparency about ongoing and past projects gives our customers amazing insights into who and what they are supporting.

A note from our owner.

Cute Root was started with a simple mission: to make people happy. Growing up, it is easy to take for granted the little things our friends and family did for us. It wasn’t until I started to grow older that I realized how important little things truly are—and that over time, they create big things, like trust and love. For me, cards are a small gesture to make someone’s day. Our customers feel the same. Each one that buys a card, does it selflessly to put a smile on a face they care about. That’s why in my book, one successful card delivery means two happy customers. Though our story is short (so far), we’ve got a bright future. We can’t wait to see how our community and world, grows greener because of people like you. 

Marilyn Miller

Owner, Cute Root