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Greeting cards that come to life make memories that last.  Share your message with a Cute Root card and watch it bloom into wildflowers.  Shop our Anniversary collection for your upcoming special day and sit back while we make sure your message gets delivered to your loved one.

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I Still Do 5 for $25 NEW ARRIVAL
Cute Root I Still Do
Sale price$5.95
Best Days 5 for $25 NEW ARRIVAL
Cute Root Best Days
Sale price$5.95
You'd Be A Fine-Apple 5 for $25
Bear Cuddles 5 for $25
Cute Root Bear Cuddles
Sale price$5.95
Boop Sharks 5 for $25
Cute Root Boop Sharks
Sale price$5.95
Love Love Love 5 for $25
Cute Root Love Love Love
Sale price$5.95
Life is Better with You 5 for $25
Hot Damn 5 for $25
Cute Root Hot Damn
Sale price$5.95
You're So Deer To Me 5 for $25
Stars and Beyond 5 for $25
Cute Root Stars and Beyond
Sale price$5.95
You Guac My World 5 for $25
Cute Root You Guac My World
Sale price$5.95
You're My Boo 5 for $25
Cute Root You're My Boo
Sale price$5.95
You Take My Breath Away 5 for $25
You Deserve the World 5 for $25
I'm Stuck On You 5 for $25
Cute Root I'm Stuck On You
Sale price$5.95
Our Journey 5 for $25
Cute Root Our Journey
Sale price$5.95
You Can Count On Me 5 for $25
You're The Love Of My Life 5 for $25
I Met You 5 for $25
Cute Root I Met You
Sale price$5.95
I Still Love You Dishes 5 for $25

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